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The evidence based 5 Pillar approach has been created.


Interventions that seek to prevent or delay the onset of substance use as well as to avoid problems before they occur. Early intervention and family support, along with education on behaviors and attitudes is needed.


Holding offenders accountable with appropriate linkages to community support.


Seeking to improve the physical, emotional and psychological health and well-being of people who use or have used substances (and sometimes their families)through various psychosocial and psychopharmacological therapeutic methods.

Harm Reduction

A range of practical strategies that aim to protect the health of individuals, families and the community from the harms that come with substance use and abuse, and other risky behaviors. Recognizing that abstaining may not be a realistic goal or choice for all, we ensure access to supports and services reducing the risks for transmissions of blood borne infections and overdoses to all community members.


Accessible, affordable housing for all people. The Housing Pillar acknowledges that housing is a rights based intervention and that all people in our community deserve access to safe, affordable, accessible, barrier-free housing with no preconditions for people suffering with addiction disorders and/or mental illness.

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