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About Us

The Vision

The Kenora Substance Abuse and Mental Health Task Force envisions a community that will work together to prevent and reduce the incidence of substance abuse, identify those with mental illness, strive to address the issues related to inadequate housing and its impact on the total community. We will work to improve and preserve the community’s quality of life and future.

The Mission

The Kenora Substance Abuse and Mental Health Task Force will work collaboratively with our community and various organizations to improve overall health, aiming to more effectively protect those at risk of harm from concurrent issues, associated abuse and homelessness.

Our Goals

Implement a comprehensive strategy; Identify substance abuse prevention as key to a healthier community; Obtain Sustainability; Advocate for coordinated services, increased communication and harmonized action; Address service gaps and maximize services; Provide information and support; Build Awareness; and Pillar Adoption.

Recent Facebook Posts

Photos from Kenora Substance Abuse and Mental Health Task Force's post

Recently, the Be In The Know Campaign committee members with the Prevention Pillar, received 2 generous donations. One from District 19 Managers..

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The Kenora Safety and Well-Being Annual General Meeting

A big thank you to all who came out today to talk about Community Safety and Well-Being. To learn more about how you can Be The Change, please..

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FIREFLY - Physical, Emotional, Developmental & Community Services

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